Brisket Big Mic

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Today’s special features my house-smoked brisket as the foundation of my smokehouse take on the classic Big Mac.

It starts with a pile of shredded brisket that we push into as much of a patty as we can. Then we top it off with American cheese, shredded lettuce, onions, our house-made pickles, and a “secret sauce” that isn’t really all that much of a secret.

The key thing to appreciate about today’s special is what I had to go through in order to get it ready.

It was cold yesterday. Really cold. But thanks to those big blue tarps on my new smokehouse out in the parking lot, I was able to keep those smokers cooking for a full 12 hours yesterday.

It was just as cold when I finished smoking as it was when I started, but it was worth all of the effort because the brisket came out tasting great!