Ordering food for your big event can be extremely stressful, so we are doing everything we can to take all of that burden off of you. Let’s be honest, you have more important things to focus on, so we’ll take care of getting the food ready for you.


Smokehouse Meats

Ordering enough meat is one of the hardest things about hosting a party, but we’ve got the process down to a science.

Here’s the basic rule of thumb: 

Start with a half pound of meat for each person you expect to attend and then adjust up or down from there based on how much you expect them to eat.

And here’s our pricing by the pound to make that easy for you:

When you place your order, we’ll be sure to ask you what sauces you would like us to send out along with your meats, and we’ll also hook you up with some of our house-made pickles to complete the package.

Smokehouse Sides

The next thing that you have to worry about is putting together some side dishes for your crew.

In our experience, preparing about four ounces of each side for every guest you expect to attend will be a good estimate, but we’ll do all that math for you. Just tell us how many people you need to feed.

Here is our pricing for 4 oz servings of sides by the person:

The Easy Way Option

If you’re looking for an option that makes planning your next party even easier, we can do a combination of Brisket, Pork, Turkey, and any two sides for $12/person. (Minimum 20 People)

Just let us know how many people you are having and which sides you would like. We’ll take care of the rest!

** For all catering orders, we kindly request a minimum of 20 people and at least 7 days advance notice. **

Classic Catering

Classic Catering