A Letter From Connor

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We don’t usually get anything but bills and donation requests in the mail here at the restaurant, but something completely out of the ordinary showed up last week.

This awesome project from Connor H. touched all of us when we opened it up, so we naturally did what anyone would do with it….post it on Facebook! From there, it took on a life of its own!

You see, our Facebook community was just as excited about this little dude’s passion for Bowser’s as we were, so they hit the share button left and right. And when Connor’s mom saw it, we were able to get in touch with her and send our biggest fan a little care package.

Connor is now armed with a couple of sweet t-shirts from his favorite restaurant, along with a gift card to bring his family out and treat them to dinner. And while he is visiting, he’s going to get to inspect the job we did framing his hard work and hanging it on the wall.

Thanks, Connor! You made our day!