The Brisket Gyro

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As I was getting ready for Brisket Saturday last weekend, I found myself suddenly craving a gyro. Whether we are talking about Papa Dukes, Metro Grille, Ambridge Villa, or Athens in Beaver Falls, I don’t really care. I love them all. I just wanted a gyro.

But as I thought deeper about that gyro I was craving, it occurred to me that the brisket in front of me might be a reasonable meat substitution. That was the lightbulb moment where the Brisket Gyro was born.

All I had to do was grab some pita bread, fill it with brisket, and then top it with the classic gyro fixings.

Of course, in order to make it for you, I was naturally going to create my own tzatziki sauce from scratch. So I came in early this morning and pureed some cucumbers, garlic, and lemon juice. Then I combined that mixture with a healthy amount of Greek yogurt.

The result was a little thinner than we are used to here in Beaver County, but the flavor is powerful. And the sandwich…it is one of the most interesting bites I have ever created. Don’t miss out on this one!