Smoked Prime Rib Sandwiches

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Today we are bringing back one of our most popular smokehouse specials: Smoked Prime Rib Sandwiches!

I tested out this recipe for the first time about a month ago, and it went so well that people are still talking about it. So I pretty much had to make it again, right?

It all started with this massive ribeye roast that I found at Costco last Saturday. Last time, I was forced to work with much smaller roasts, so I was curious to see how this big mack daddy would cook.

The cooking process started on Thursday when I rubbed the whole roast with Mike Mills’ world famous “Magic Dust” seasoning. Then I wrapped it up and let that seasoning go to work as it sat in the cooler overnight.

Yesterday morning, I cut that bad boy in half and tossed it on the smoker. It cooked at about 250 degrees for somewhere around four hours before the temperature hit a perfect 135 degrees. That’s when I pulled it off the smoker and cooled it down so that we could slice it super thin this morning.

If you visited us for lunch yesterday, you probably noticed that I had the smoker set up further out into the parking lot. We’re working on a theory that people want to see the smoker doing its thing in the parking lot, so I’m going to be setting up in a more visible location rather than hiding in the alley behind the building.

If you happen to see me out there on a Monday or Friday, stop over, and I’ll give you a sneak peak at whatever I’m working on.

The Smoked Prime Rib Sandwich is all about taking an amazing piece of meat and cooking it very simply. But I have to say that our house-made horseradish sauced definitely enhances the flavor of the smoked meat.

I make this sauce using a whole bunch of extra hot horseradish mixed with equal parts sour cream and mayonnaise. Then I season it up a bit with some lemon juice, salt, and pepper…and add some Worcestershire sauce for a bit of color.

When you take a pile of delicious smoked prime rib, put it on a fresh-baked onion bun, and top it with a house-made horseradish sauce, there isn’t much else you need in the world. I made enough for about 40 sandwiches today, but my mother already called to reserve two, so there’s just 38 left. Make sure you get yours!