Smoked Chicken Gyros

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My approach to cooking has always been pretty simple. I believe that simply avoiding all of the common shortcuts that most people take will eliminate the majority of factors that detract from food quality. So because of that, I do my best to make everything from scratch.

However, there are times when that backfires. My first attempt at brisket and chicken gyros was one of those times.

The first time we tried this, I made my own version of tzatziki sauce from scratch. And it was nothing like the stuff that I was trying to emulate. For me, Papa Dukes is the ultimate gyro experience, and I based on my own observations, I don’t believe they make their tzatziki sauce from scratch.

For today’s special, I am making a second attempt at a Smoked Chicken Gyro. We are still serving it with our house-smoked chicken on warm pita bread. But I switched from our fancy spring mix lettuce to a simple shredded iceberg lettuce, and I picked up a big tub of tzatziki sauce from Restaurant Depot.

This might not be a culinary masterpiece that demonstrates my cooking skills, but it sure does taste good.