Smoked Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps

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After seeing how popular our Pig Mac was on Monday, I decided that I was going to have to come up with something creative that we can talk about on each of our smokehouse days. I was already thinking about trying Brisket Gyros on Saturday, and the idea of a Pulled Pork Reuben has me excited for next Monday, but I wasn’t quite sure what I could do with our smoked chicken on short notice this week.

The answer was actually quite simple: BACON!

I mean…who doesn’t love bacon, right? So I showed up early this morning and pan-fried about 10 pounds of bacon crumbles that we are mixing in with my smoked chicken today to create a Smoked Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap.

The result you get from combining the smoked chicken with bacon and ranch is an explosion of flavor. This was a simple special to throw together, but it tastes outstanding. You won’t want to miss it.