Smoked Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

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For today’s Smokehouse Special, I wanted to capture all of the flavors that you get when you’re eating a great buffalo wing and roll it all into one delicious sandwich.

In my experience, when most places throw a buffalo chicken sandwich on their menu, it ends up being just a basic chicken sandwich with the chicken dunked in hot sauce. I thought we could improve on that by also incorporating other flavors.

When I am enjoying a big basket of Buffalo wings, there is almost always a side of celery and carrots with ranch dressing sitting right next to those wings on the table, so we have to include that in a great buffalo chicken sandwich, right?

My take on the Buffalo chicken sandwich starts with my smoked chicken thighs. Then I tossed that chicken in our spicy garlic Buffalo wing sauce and added some provolone cheese.

After putting that Buffalo chicken and cheese on a fresh-baked Mancini’s roll, I topped it off with thin-sliced celery and carrots with green onions, our house-made ranch dressing, and fresh chopped parsley.

The result is a sandwich that has a full ranch of Buffalo wing flavors all mixed into each and every delicious bite. Enjoy!