Pulled Pork Po’ Boy

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As much as I’m a fan of southern-style cooking, I have never really been big on the idea of a po’ boy sandwich. However, when I sat down and forced myself to come up with my own version using our house-smoked pulled pork, I have to say that the resulting sandwich might be just enough to change my mind.

The key element of any good po’ boy is the classic French bread. So once I had that in the kitchen, the rest pretty much took care of itself.

For today’s special, I piled pulled pork onto that French bread with lettuce and tomato. Some people might have stopped there, but I wanted this sandwich to have the same deep-fried taste that you would expect from a fried shrimp po’ boy. That’s when I decided to add some fried onions to the mix.

With those onions adding a breaded twist, the only thing missing was a bit of cajun remoulade sauce to complete this southern-style experience. Yum!