Cherry Sriracha Wings

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I made a Peach Sriracha sauce a few weeks ago that was incredibly popular. Since that time, I have had the idea stuck in my head that we could do an even better version of that sauce using cherries instead of peaches. Today, I got the chance to put that idea to the test…and I was absolutely right. It’s fantastic.

This Cherry Sriracha sauce starts with about eight cups of cherry preserves and about two cups of Sriracha straight out of the bottle. Then we mellow out those flavors with a cup of butter, a cup of tomato paste, and a third cup of soy sauce. After that, all I did what heat it up and hit it with the immersion blender to smooth everything out.

Of course, since we’re so fancy here at Bowser’s, we have to top off our specialty wings with some kind of fresh herb. For this sauce, we’re using fresh chives. They look fantastic and add a bit more flavor than the parsley we usually use.