BBQ Pulled Pork Monday

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It’s BBQ Pulled Pork Monday and we have a brand new side and a brand new sauce to talk about today!

Since the most popular way to order all of our BBQ specials is on top of an order of French fries, we had the idea that a vinegar-based sauce would be the perfect accompaniment, so we created our new Texa-Lina Vinegar BBQ sauce that adds elements of sweet and spice to tangy cider vinegar!
We also found a great new use for our house-made pickles: POTATO SALAD! The new potato salad is a mustard and mayo-based salad that incorporated a great twist of flavor from our house-made pickles!
You can try any combination of sides and sauces you like on any of our great BBQ Pulled Pork Specials that are all available today!