Andy’s Fish Tacos

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We have been running the same Fish Reuben special every Friday since the beginning of Lent. I love that sandwich, but I also need a bit more variety in my life, so I assume that our customers do as well. So we are switching it up today, giving the Fish Reuben a rest, and rolling out a brand new special: Andy’s Fish Tacos.

In the past, we have sold Anita’s version of fish tacos that featured our fish chunked topped with our vinegar slaw and our famous Buffalo Sneedwich sauce. But I wanted to do something a bit different today, so I swapped out the vinegar slaw for Aaron Franklin’s coleslaw recipe. This version uses beautiful purple cabbage and a base of sour cream and rice vinegar that gives is a smooth creaminess while still maintaining plenty of acidic bite.

I decided to finish off my version of fish tacos with our house-made Mexican crema, a quick drizzle of Sriracha, some fresh cilantro and a squirt of lime. Perfection, right? Come try them out for yourself!