Bowser’s has been “serving it up Pittsburgh-style” here in Beaver County for 25 years. What started as an empty space has grown into a local favorite, and our latest evolution has taken us to a level we never imagined possible way back in 1993!


The Team

The Team

Meet the Team

Our talents and experience are diverse, but at Bowser’s we’re united by one thing: a complete lack of ability to take anything seriously.

Things have changed a lot around the restaurant over the past 25 years. And if you haven’t been by to visit with us recently, you might notice that we are doing things a little bit differently today.

We pushed back our focus on the classic menu in favor of our new smokehouse menu. But one thing that will never change is the idea that we all want work to be a place where we can actually enjoy the time we spend there. For that reason, we make a point to never take ourselves too seriously.

The only thing we really do take seriously is the food, which has really evolved over the past few years. So if you are passionate about getting something good to eat while hanging with a jolly bunch of fools, we’re the perfect place for ya.

Big Smoke

Circus Ringleader

Big Smoke showed up at Bowser’s looking for a part-time job in high school, and almost 20 years later he is still showing up at the restaurant almost every single day. He will be the first to tell you that he honestly just doesn’t have a whole lot going on in his life.


Eldery Outreach

As the longest tenured member of the Bowser’s staff, Frank has literally seen it all. That’s why we put him in charge of working with all of our long-time customers to reminisce about the good old days.


Punctuality Director

Her ability to always show up for work on time made Charlene a core member of our staff the very day she started at the restaurant. To this day, she has never been less than 10 minutes early for a single shift…ever.

Detroit Nick

PA Skill Games Coordinator

As someone who has never lost a single session in front of a PA Skill Games machine, there isn’t anyone better than Nick at making sure we are getting every dollar possible out of the game we have at the far end of the bar.

Big Dogg AKA Zeus

Anger Management Counselor

With his extremely calm demeanor, we sometimes have to check Big Dogg’s pulse to make sure he is still alive. He is not the type of person to get excited over trivial matters, so he is constantly working to share his zen wisdom with some of our less-evolved team members.


The Pirate

Let’s just call a spade a spade here. The dude looks like a pirate. He drives a van with a built-in anchor and walks like he’s got a wooden leg. Yo ho, Joe lives the life.


Special Board Development

Bill contributes to our special boards on a regular basis by drawing from his extensive sales and marketing background. His detailed study of what does and doesn’t work in the restaurant business has helped him create some of the most memorable special boards we have ever put together.


Soup Research & Development

Because he comes from a long line of soup connoisseurs, it is only natural that Carl would head up the research and development of our soup menu. By taking multiple bowls home just about every night, he knows the ins and outs of our soup menu better than anyone.


Meat Slicer

Despite the fact that she is responsible for dozens of much higher priority tasks, Judy will be the first one to tell you that her primary role here is running the slicer. She is especially fond of slicing onions right in the middle of busy lunch shifts.


Social Director

Betty is a natural introvert who struggles tremendously to express herself in public. We are working to break her out of her shell by pushing her into the role of Social Director with the hope that one day she will feel more comfortable in her own skin.

Shawn Davis

Morning Management

As the guy who works with the Big Dogg and Carl more than anyone else, Shawn’s primary focus is on cleaning up the mess that “Hurricane Mike” spreads throughout the kitchen while encouraging Carl to move a bit faster most every day of the week. He’s also an expert on take-out timing.


Fake Phone Voice Specialist

Between her bubbly personality and the fact that she always comes to work in a fantastic mood, Chips sets the bar for what we expect our employees to sound like on the phone. And since no one else can match her natural abilities, we put her in charge of teaching them how to fake it.


The Owner

If you’ve ever seen John walk through the restaurant, you probably thought that he looks like he owns the place. You might have even asked him. Well….he does.


Completely Insane

While he most often gets credit for coming up with all of our seasonal dessert options, the real value that Tony brings to the table is the fact that he is so completely crazy that he enjoys working through all of the busiest rushes of the week.


Exectutive Prep Director

There is a ton of stuff that we have to get prepped just about every night. Tiff is the one who had the bright idea of typing up a list to keep the rest of us on track.


Director of Order Packing

After packing more than 325,746 delivery orders without ever making a single mistake, it was only natural that Amanda would ascend to the role that fits her natural ability to be perfect. She simply doesn’t make mistakes. Ever. And she’s a biker.


Quality Control

If someone on the line has the unfortunate experience of making a mistake in front of P-Fish, she will not hesitate to let them know about it. She also has more than 283 stories about things her dad used to call her. And she’s a fish…which is super weird on Fridays.


Happy to Be Here

Mary is all smiles, all the time. Which is a refreshing contrast to some of the other folks that pass through our orbit.


Silent Assassin

After making it through his first few weeks in the kitchen without saying much, DJ still doesn’t talk all that much. He’s quiet. Almost too quiet. Be careful.


The Opposite of DJ

While DJ is definitely a little too quiet, Trent more than makes up for it by talking as much and as loud as he possbily can pretty much all the time. He’s also a natural-born hustler who is always down to grab some extra hours.


Model Employee

Now on her second stint at the restaurant, Kenz has evolved into a positive force that is constantly bringing smiles to customers and coworkers.


Service Ninja

As the founding member of the Bowser’s motorcycle gang, Christie is the type of ninja that you definitley don’t want to mess with. She sneaks in quietly, delivers exceptional service, and then vanishes into the night.


Asleep at the Wheel

He’s a fantastic worker at times, but Ryan struggles with a rare condition that makes it hard for him to keep his eyes open while doing…well…pretty much anything. Despite the fact that we often catch him snoozing in the walk-in, Ryan’s enthusiastic personality makes him worth keeping around.


Crowd Control

With her years of experience keeping kids in line, Teach is the perfect person to make sure that everyone in the kitchen is acting appropriately. You don’t want to end up in detention with her!


AirPod Commander

As the youngest guy on our crew, Anth is our go-to source for any and all technology issues. That’s why you will almost always see him with one of those fancy AirPods hanging out of his ears.



As a delivery driver, caterer, prep cook, and food runner, Jenn is really a jack of all trades here at Bowser’s, but the one job she takes the most pride in is lighting up that fire each and every day.


Scared to Death

We still aren’t quite sure what it is that Rhi is so afraid of, but there is no doubt that this girl is petrified. Please, don’t startle her.


Personal Assistant

Need a reminder? Curious about the weather? Want to hear a particular song? All anyone in the kitchen has to do is ask Alexa!